Survival Mindset

The 2020 CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.

Carol Dweck talks about the power of a “growth mindset” in the context of mindsets that are centered around “fixed versus growth.” Designer Nigel Holmes once visualized these two mindsets in an infographic:

This connects directly to the anti-fragile framing of Nassim Taleb.

I’ve been thinking about Silicon Valley mindset which is entirely Growth Mindset. And then contrasting that to one of,

I want to keep going this way even though I know we’ll fall further behind but because I just need to make it to retirement, and then leave this problem for the next generation.

The anti-thesis of a Startup or Silicon Valley mindset

Let me call this “Survival Mindset” — which is more about:

How can I slow down the decay of what I’m managing so that I can safely jump to the next phase of my life with minimum wear on my psyche and body? Because I didn’t make the accrued problems over the past <insert relatively long timeframe>— and my past stewards didn’t make the necessary fixes for the future, so why should I?

Psyche of the leader who does not choose to digitally transform their business

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I think Survival Mindset is a sound strategy for … survival. That’s why it’s so prevalent.

Yet I find it ironic that many Silicon Valley-ish startups wouldn’t mind being acquired by an end-up. And at the tail-end of their startup’s evolution, many of them can switch to a Survival Mindset. So, I think the Survival Mindset isn’t something to villify. It’s just … human nature!

Depending upon the containing organization, either Mindset can exist. The organization itself can have a dominant mindset that lives in Growth, Fixed, or Survival — so I agree with the caveat from @propcazhpm:

And love this related Tweet pointed out to me by Wendy Johansson: