Three New Limited Edition WordPress T-Shirts Designs (2018)

When I first encountered the Wapuu character in the WordPress universe (or what I like to refer to as “WordPresslandia”) it sort of reminded me of the kind of characters that are commonly seen in Japan — like Pokémon. I was happy to learn that Wapuu was indeed MADE IN JAPAN by Kazuko Kaneuchi, Naoko Takano, Seisuke Kuraishi, Takayuki Miyoshi, Taisuke Jotaki, and Odyssey as I learned on this useful link.

The final result is Number 4 — which is a character that I’ve enjoyed seeing in many forms as a punk rocker and even as a lobster. So Wapuu is very open source — all things are possible with Wapuu. So in that vein, when Matt asked me to see if I could think about some of the WordPress merch a little differently, I immediately thought … Wapuu.

Available January 1, 2018

So Automattic Design produced three signature T-shirts for 2018 that are Wapuu-themed with a slightly Modernist bent.

First off, there’s the fact that so many people that I’ve met “learned how to program on WordPress” so we though they deserved their own alumni T-shirt. On the back is the original index.php for the first version of WordPress in a Wapuu silhouette. It’s available in Maroon (as shown here) or in Royal Blue.

Designed by Automattic Design / Mark Uraine

Then, we have a typographic interpretation that is available in both traditional LTR (Left-To-Right) and a vertical-style script more common in Japan. On the back is a silhouetted Wapuu form. This shirt is available in White and Black.

Designed by Automattic Design / Kjell Reigstad

And lastly, we have a festive calligraphy-style Gutenberg theme that is paired with a mysterious Cheshire-cat rendition of Wapuu on the back side. This shirt is available in Banana Cream or Vintage Navy.

Designed by Automattic Design / Cristel Rossignol

These items will only be available during 2018. We hope you enjoy them! —JM