PHP Stand For People Helping People

After a few searches on PHP and now understanding the most likely intended meanings of the three letters P.H.P. as:

PHP = Personal Home Page as it’s starting point

to it’s more cool refiguring as

PHP = PHP Hypertext Preprocessor akin to “GNU” recursively standing for GNU’S Not Unix

but my favorite acronym expansion for PHP has to be

PHP = People Helping People

I am definitely going into 2018 with that definition, because it represents what I have gotten to see up close in the WordPress ecosystem. I know I know — WordPress has now fully JavaScript-ized and is running intensely in that direction. But the “People Helping People” ethos is in what I’ve gotten to see over and over in 2017. I’m looking for being one of those people who help other people in 2017 with the Automattic crew! —JM

PS Automattic is hiring designers from anywhere to keep the Web free in 2018 and way, way beyond.