Market Maps of Various Forms

“Geospatial” Taxonomy from Quadrant:

  • Mapping & Navigation
    • Visualization
    • Navigation
    • Mapping
  • Location Analytics
    • Analytics
    • Engineering & Consultation
    • Intelligence Platform
  • Data
    • Mobile
    • POI
    • Geospatial

Machine Learning for Earth Observation (i.e. satellite data) Market Map via here

Geospatial data ecosystem related to SDGs via here

Metaverse Market Map via here

Via Google search:

Logistics Tech / Supply Chain

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience + Customer Engagement

Related Report

Sales Tech

Task Automation

Scott Brinker has the mother of all market maps

Insurance Tech


via WEF

Labor markets (2021 in Nature)

Atlassian DevOps view

xMatters Automations

via xMatters Integrate > Automate > Accelerate
2016 infographic from xMatters