Maps Thinking

Clustering using geohashes is a thing — because your zoom level changes. Algorithm walkthrough is here. Implementation for Google Maps in Flutter is here. A generic implementation appears to be here.

I didn’t know about — it’s a Vietnam-based tech company with a mapping service for … Vietnam POI (Points Of Interest). This kind of local approach to mapping makes so much sense.

For custom layer creation, there’s a set of open source tools that I’ll need to try out one day. The explanation is over here.

Fire Information

FIRMS has a way to download KMLs and other resources here. Also, there’s an API for all this information that I created a login for and succeeded at hitting this endpoint with a Bearer token:

Luckily I found a poster session PDF that let me see into how to get more info … LOL.

Non-Geographic Space

Non-geographic mapping is a thing — well, not really. It’s the world of graphs. GraphView module was fun to see show up recently. I’ve always loved drawing graphs — and Mermaid.js is truly the bomb.