Self-Reliance, And What is “Good Enough”?

The 2020 CX Report gathers trends on how business happens in the computational era by examining the tech stacks for marketing and products in the context of digital transformation.

Jessica Helfand has a new book coming out and invited a few friends to design different covers for it. I spent Sunday morning putting something quickly together for her that is “good enough” to deploy.

What is “good enough”?

  • Maps to constraints of time and other requirements. Time being the most important constraint.
  • Represents a thoughtful line that might make sense. Some kinds of design are meant to be puzzles.
  • Utilizes signature methods that reinforce a brand. I’ve always made everything by hand (and handtyped code).
  • Brings satisfactory goodwill to those who you respect. I felt that as a composition it honored Jessica’s request.
It started off by noticing I have a surplus of hotel sewing kits. And then wanting to make something that could easily go into a recycle bin with no adhesives.
This is where I landed. The older you get, the harder it gets to thread a needle. So … you use a needle threader and it lets you be more self reliant.

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