Sometimes Sunday Math Program | Season 1 Wrapped

As a way to learn livestreaming, I’ve been sharing a math “show” sometimes on Sundays. It’s a little messy, but I figure if I can edit this all together later then it could stand on its own. If anything, it’s forced me to re-learn math and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.

If you want to watch a real professional, then this is NOT for you and you’re better off watching a Khan Academy video.\

Episode 2/ Numbers and Functions

Getting to the basics of sophisticated-ish math is all about accepting the ability to get abstract with how we count.

Numbers and computers are interconnected. Know one, and you know the other.

Episode 3 / Geometry

I really got into Pythagoras — wow. What an incredible mind!

You got to love trigonometry because it’s all about points-of-view!

Episode 4 / Statistics

The video comes in and out randomly. Livestreaming appears to not be my forté but I don’t intend to give up :+).

Using a real handmade pair of dice! (made of paper …)

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Episode 1 / 8th Grade Math

This was the “first pancake” — the beginning to the maddening feeling of “going live” on YouTube. But luckily nobody’s really watching me so I feel good about practicing on-air like this … for now.