OKRs and Change

Adrian Howard has a good set of strongly held opinions on OKRs that I highly recommend.

I personally paid for his workshop and took notes …

@rypan has a taxonomy of OKRs that I find useful as bounded in 90 days, but one could argue that these are not OKRs and are instead just “goals.” Adrian’s point is that an objective is something that should not have to change every quarter it should be used to steer an organization. Consistent in doctrine is to always ask if the key results satisfy the objective.

  • Committed: absolutely necessary work that needs to get done or we don’t make to 90 days
  • Aspirational: audacious and almost unattainable work to get us out of comfort zone over the next 30 days.
  • Learning: exploration or experimental work to validate or invalidate a hypothesis within 90 days.

On the Learning OKR front, this tweet catalyzed this post