Contact Tracing Hardware

There seem to be a variety of solutions out there.

  • Adafruit points to a hardware-based approach argument from Andrew “Bunnie” Huang that leads to a tradeoffs critique of the TraceTogether solution used in Singapore. Note that in April they had a small run of their mobile app solution to use for their essential wrokers.
  • TraceTogether in Singapore (9 months on battery)
  • Contact Harald Card in Australia (6+ months on battery)
  • Laird BT510 in Ohio (multi-year life on battery)
  • ESP32 $8 open source on github (use a USB-style battery)
  • Actility sells a starter kit (high-end badge system)
  • Estimote startup sells a wearable with dashboard
  • SaferMe sells something in a badge format
  • Airista sells a device worn on your wrist
  • Tsingoal is out of Tsinghua as a wrist or badge device
  • Rightcrowd is a system worn like a badge
  • Kinexon Safetag is for the wrist or as a badge

More color commentary on CNBC back when the DisneyBand was being considered outside of the park facilities.