Socio-X and Sociotechnical

Socioeconomic, sociocultural, sociopolitical are the most common …

Sociotechnical <– this is something larger than I thought

The term sociotechnical systems was coined by Eric Trist, Ken Bamforth and Fred Emery, in the World War II era, based on their work with workers in English coal mines at the Tavistock Institute in London.[1] Sociotechnical systems pertains to theory regarding the social aspects of people and society and technical aspects of organizational structure and processes. Here, technical does not necessarily imply material technology. The focus is on procedures and related knowledge, i.e. it refers to the ancient Greek term techne. “Technical” is a term used to refer to structure and a broader sense of technicalities. Sociotechnical refers to the interrelatedness of social and technical aspects of an organization or the society as a whole.[2]


Socioreligious: Not a lot about this one

Sociodemographic: “demographics: statistical data relating to the population and particular groups within it”

Sociopetal and sociofugal … about proxemics