What is Design? Note on the IDEO-verse

This is from 2013:

In their article Developing Design Sensibilities Jane Fulton Suri and R. Michael Hendrix argue that “design thinking” isn’t just a kind of method for businesses to begin to adopt, but instead there needs to be a consideration of what they call “design sensibilities.” Their diagram makes this distinction clear. It gave me an a-ha moment of translating what I hear as often cited as effective design as being able to employ empathy for the customer, user, visitor, friend who is engaging an object or experience. This speaks of the kind of sensibilities that a “design thinker” would have to have — more than how (i.e. the “methods” used) they might go about in the actual construction of an object or experience. They write:

“Managers schooled in analytic and rational decision making may find the idea of relying on their sensibilities uncomfortable.”

which makes me wonder why trusting one’s sensibilities might be considered irrational. And I think there you have it … -JM