My 5th Return to FB

After reading this post by Brad Frost, it made me think about how last night marks the 5th time in my life when I have tried to use FB.

I’ve never stuck to living in FB — primarily because I didn’t like how there are people who are impersonating me in it. But then I noticed how much of the world FB has swallowed up over the years — now to the point of no longer seeing URLs and seeing instead, I could feel the winds a’changing. So I needed to start becoming less ignorant.

What have I learned? Wow — it is amazing. FB’s like Disneyland in that you can just stay in there, and never ever leave. It’s got everything! Why would I ever want to use the World Wide Web?

And with my newfound knowledge of FB last night and this morning, I launched a page for — it was a v cool experience. And it was way easier than building a website in WordPress. It was totally free of charge. It felt awesome. Yet something bothered me in the back of my mind … and it still bothers me.

I’ll explain later what I mean.


I have the same hesitancy to use FB for fear of its hegemonic prongs, but then I remember it’s a forum for connectivity so I go in for a bit like any other place and then leave off to my favorite niches.

I’m feeling inspired to dust off my FB account, too. If nothing more to see how the interactions and interface have evolved in the last 3 years when I was taking a break.

“It’s got everything! Why would I ever want to use the World Wide Web?”

^ I waffle in and out of using it myself (currently not plugged into the matrix). The main kicker for me is how many items I have set up that REQUIRE Facebook. I have a split Spotify account as an example (one with and one without my FB account). This is the biggest pain for me and inevitably usually brings me back into the Facebook orbit before sending myself again into the World Wide Web as you say.