What’s a PM?

This is a question I asked shortly after arriving in Silicon Valley in 2013.

I understood from personal experience what it was like to be a developer, and also a designer. But the “PM” thing sort of threw me for a loop. A few years later, and while making the first version of the design.co project (it’s still unfinished) happen, I realized that PM-ing is the kind of work that gets me excited the most.

It’s connecting dots across technology, business, and design. And I ❤️ connecting those dots!

There are tons of reference posts on the subject of PM-ing, but I think three of the best ones are by:

  • Ellen Chisa, Learning in Product [link]
  • Josh Elman, A Product Manager’s Job [link]
  • Bing Gordon, Product Management as CEO Training [link]

While at Kleiner Perkins, I had the unique opportunity to partner with Bing Gordon on developing the ProductWorks practice — Bing was the product person and I was the design person. I was lucky to get to learn a ton from Bing!

So on my continued path to more PM-y-ness, I’ll share my learnings here as they start to surface. —JM

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I’m super excited to see this site, both the content and your stories that illustrate how it’s meaningful to you. I’m thrilled to participate with you on the journey! Thanks for shining the light on the path. 🔆