Henderson and the 4th Dimension

One of my favorite finds back in the 90s during my doctoral dissertation was the work of Henderson on the 4th Dimension. I was glad to find a paper by her just recently. This passage is so good!

“Artists have always been knights, poets, and prophets of space in all eras.” —Matyushin (1913)

This led me to finding a math professor at VCU who was a RISD student that was influenced by a professor there in the 60s who took to the 4th dimension.

Which reminded me of my favorite work by Etienne Jules-Marey on visualizing the 4th dimension with seagulls:


Which reminded me of what Casey Reas did back at the Media Lab back when this was something I had hoped to see somehow and he did it!

And all this 4-d stuff finally drove me to go and buy a Calder replica for retail therapy. —JM