Notes on Financial Services / Digital Payments

“Trust will come from high digital engagement. It may seem like a cost to create that strong loop, but it is how the relationship with native digital consumers is created (and destroyed).” —Osama Bedier

Osama (former early PayPal) pointed out how FS is the biggest industry

On breaking the relationship to plastic: “Remember that plastic cards disrupted the relationship between consumers and money — moving faster than the banks could move. It is the fast movers that get to disrupt the status quo because the regulators don’t know how to slow it down because they don’t fully understand it.”

“Very few of these superpowers have made it to real world business problems.” —in relation to the power of computation

It is about a strong relationship with high frequency interaction with customer.

Frequency of usage and trust is vital to build into every interaction.

A new generation of consumers have access to more creation tech than just consumption tech — they have more capability than the banks they visit.

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