Three IT Factors via SVJP

“Arguably, a car is the most successful consumerized robot.” —Stephen J. Luczo of Seagate

Luczo shared three IT factors at play:

  1. compute (slowing but not a limiting factor)
  2. network (the bottleneck right now)
  3. storage (robust growth continues).

Another point he made was about how Shannon is more important than Moore these days.

“For the last 20 years, we’ve seen the monetization of Moore’s Law. From here on out, we’ll see the monetization of Shannon’s Law.” —via Multichannel

Lastly he remarked that it is a question of how to get the data you want, and where you want it. And the fact that network is the key bottleneck, and we can’t assume that software can run without hardware, is the key thing to keep in mind.

The Business Roundtable piece on becoming a more purpose-led company was touched upon. He also made the point that the newer work force comes with different expectations than the longtimers at companies of the past. Lots of food for thought! —JM