Getting a Samsung Gear 360 to work on Mac and put an image on the Web

Phew. This took me only three years to figure out.

  1. Instructions on the Samsung Action Director package for Mac.
  2. Missing instructions on how to use it.
  3. And on this is how you integrate it.

I have the first version which is not as good as the V2. The first version has a visible seam in the visual experience; the second one figured out how to make it seamless.

Get your preferences right. And the “stitched” image that you need (called “equirectangular format”) will be where the folder’s pointing to in the preferences dialog.

And if the shortcode for vr is still out there … this might work.

Oh tragic. No joy for me.

Hmmm. It works on the main documentation page so clearly I’m missing something important. Oh well. Save VR photos for another day … —JM


Notes for the future. The demo sources:

which looks a lot like my image but doesn’t deliver the same joy.

Image that seems to work ..

Oh good! This method of using the source image doesn’t work either. That means … dead end. Oh well …

Epilogue To The Epilogue

My data is good. Just something wrong with how the shortcode works. I figured this out by uploading my image to (paid service).