YC Concrete Poetry

I’ve been looking at the various Fintech cohorts for Y-Combinator and studying their mission statements. There’s common patterns in every 20-word “superhero” statement. And it was fun to read more about “madlibs” for pitching:

My company, (company name)
is developing (a defined offering)
to help (a target audience)
(solve a problem)
(with secret sauce) .

I guess what’s different about the missions used at YC are that they actually worked — which was a function of timing, timing, timing, and luck (= timing).

To (verb)

help, handle, build, insure, send, see, learn, pay, re-build, manage, fund, simplify, track, match, analyze, charge, boost, extend, negotiate, share, agree, invest, collect, automate, serve, allow, integrate

For (whom)

people, everyone, small business, country, brokers, lenders, partners, visa holders, marketplaces, platform businesses, travelers

A (noun)

service, source, account, platform, future, picture, marketplace, subscription, wallet, gateway, company

A (Sharper Image Noun)

easiest, modern, first, best, simplest, right, entire, biggest