Experience Sampling

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Addresses falling in love with a problem versus loving a solution instance. Related: NN (2001)

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The experience sampling method (ESM) is a structured diary technique to appraise subjective experiences in daily life. It is applied in psychiatric patients, as well as in patients with somatic illness. Despite the potential of ESM assessment, the improved logistics and its increased administration in research, its use in clinical trials remains limited. This paper introduces ESM for clinical trials in psychiatry and beyond.

2016 ESM paper is here

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The Experience Sampling Method (also called ecological momentary assessment (EMA)) was developed by R. Larson and M. Csikszentmihalyi. It has become popular since the 1980s in large part due to the positive psychology movement, where it was used to find correlations between happiness and activities.

Ecological Momentary Assessment EMA

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