Pfeiffer on Management

“Even when you find the places that are wonderful, they tend not to remain wonderful.”

Via FT

“The tools to do better are available, however. Having worked with Gallup, the polling organisation, for many years, Prof Pfeffer believes survey data can measure improvements and declines in employee engagement. He is warier about what staff say they think about their workplace, however. After the New York Times published a critical (and disputed) analysis of Amazon’s culture, Prof Pfeffer wrote that he was not surprised people still went to work at the ecommerce company. One reason is economic necessity. Another is the proven inclination of human beings to “rationalise their working conditions as not being that bad or even desirable”, rather than admitting they chose the wrong employer. Afterwards, he received an email from a former student. Both he and his wife had quit Amazon within a year of joining. As a result, Prof Pfeffer says, their negative views about the company would not feature in any Amazon employee engagement survey.” —Via FT