Brand Positioning and Brand Betting

I’m wondering whether a better word than “positioning” in the strategy world is instead, “betting.” Why? It’s because you’re going to always be covering a broad surface with your brand of items like:

  • partnerships
  • press
  • thought leadership
  • community engagement
  • events/programs
  • marketing & advertising
  • websites and social media
  • brand identity

Note I’m taking these notes while attending an incredible session by La Placa Cohen.

Key questions to ask with regards to your desired, owned audiences:

  • Purpose — how is that central purpose articulated
  • Unity — how is it clear, distinct, and cohesively identified
  • Relevance — how are we fostering long-lasting relevance

Purpose sits at the core of this all … maybe? Let’s go searching for diagrams out there …

Medium post on Brand Purpose 101 and advocating for the five Ps in marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Purpose

Values can sit in the middle of it all, too. I think I like this one too.
UMN has an interesting page on this … odd but good.
Purpose is believed to be the “root Why” of it all
Strategy as the foundation for getting you to the future seems to make sense.
Mission and vision as the external pieces but still doesn’t make good sense.