Five points to keep in mind on business during C-19

Five points that come to mind to me right now on business in the COVID-19 era.


Every industry is impacted by the Internet today — and therefore needs to develop their digital marketing approach.


Every industry that has graduated past digital marketing is looking for e-commerce and e-services to impact their core business.


COVID-19 has impacted the acceleration to e-commerce and e-services dramatically.


The physical endpoints have shifted, and therefore you need to think about both the physical and digital channels.


Business performance always returns after it gets hit hard — and the organizations that recover the most will get to win the most.

Especially on point 5, in the investing world I learned from an expert there how there’s no such thing as a “recession.” There’s just the fact that there’s always an ebb and flow of a system that goes up and goes down and goes up and goes down. There’s a cycle to everything. And pay special attention to when the cycle is headed upwards.