Ussing-Up: From I’s to Us’s

Working with our commerce design leader Kelly Hoffman is always a treat because her growth knows no bounds, as evidenced in this Tweet she shared:

I have found that coming to this fundamental conclusion, that Kelly came to, is the essential discovery for any technologist leader.

There is always the latest productivity tool out there to connect multiple people together digitally. Need more collaboration? Hire a bot to hound people. Or use the latest freemium tool to coordinate infinite numbers of stakeholders. It can all be so alluring for its silver bullet-y promises. But they can never fully meet their promise because of the asymmetry between what (why) humans choose to achieve (emotionally) versus what computational systems can achieve (mindlessly).

Because human beings aren’t efficient AI’s — they are human I’s. Me’s. And when they are You’s then you need to listen to them more often — until they become Us’s. You will need to “Us up,” too. It goes both ways. –JM