What’s The Resilience Tech Report?

The Resilience Tech Report, or #ResilienceTech Report, builds on two past report series:

that together correctly predicted three industry directions that were emergent throughout the digital transformation boom over the last 8 years:

  1. The centrality of design in digital consumer and enterprise products.
  2. The paradigm of remote work and its potentially equalizing effects.
  3. The shifts to AI/ML as intrinsically needing more inclusive design.

This new report starts where the last ones began to leave off: on the topic of our earth and where it’s taken us, and where humanity’s taking the earth.

  • There are identifiable risks that impact your vitality or mortality, your company’s failure or success, and your country’s downturns or prosperity.
  • The sun, the moon, and the earth’s molten core are all you need to know how natural hazards happen. And you can’t do anything about it — so relax.
  • Digital transformation means computational experiences are core to private and public sectors. The Cyber Bees join the Black Swans and Gray Rhinos.

This new report is the third iteration in an evolution of my habit to make public annual reports that are shared at SXSW. It started with the first “Design in Tech” Report in 2015, and segued into the “CX” Report in 2020. This journey has spanned close to ten years nows. And I hope to be resilient in continuing this side hobby of mine until I’m no longer resilient … one day :+).