IBM: AI & Ethics

  1. Accountability: Every person involved in the creation of AI at any step is accountable for considering the system’s impact on the world, as are the companies invested in its development.
  2. Value Alignment: AI should be designed to align with the norms and values of your user group in mind.
  3. Explainability: AI should be designed for humans to easily perceive, detect, and understand its decision process. Imperceptible AI is not ethical AI.
  4. Fairness: AI must be designed to minimize bias and promote inclusive representation.
  5. User Data Rights: AI must be designed to protect user data and preserve the user’s power over access and uses.


Considering 2-ary, 3-ary, 4-ary impacts is a thing …

I liked their notion of thinking of the kinds of data available, and then breaking it down into:

  1. Data we have
  2. Data we need
  3. Data that’s nice to have
It’s always fun to learn something new …